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Concrete Dots with 3 hole Attachment - Soft, Medium, Hard Bond
Concrete Single Segments with 3 hole Attacment

Concrete Segments with 3 hole Attachment

Segments For CONCRETE Grinding
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Segments For CONCRETE Grinding


Part No. GritDescription
C0006s 6 - soft bond Paint/Adhesive Removal
C0016s 16 - soft bond Very Coarse Grind Adhesive Removal
C0024s 24 - soft bond Adhesive Removal/Coarse Grind
C0040s 40 - soft bond Coarse Grind Some Adhesive Removal
C0060s 60 - soft bond Grind Abrasive Materials
C0150s 150 - soft bond Fine Grinding, Scratch Removal
C0300s 300 - soft bond Very Fine Grinding, Scratch Removal, Pre-polish
C0500s 500 - soft bond Pre-polish