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Brazed Grinding Wheels for Portable Rotors Granite: Position 1,

Brazed Grinding Wheels for Portable Rotors Granite: Position 1,
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Brazed Grinding Wheels for Portable Routers - Granite P1


Part No. GritDescriptionPosition
PR-A20G-P1 M8/M10 Eased Edge A20 1
PR-A25G-P1 M8/M10 Eased Edge A25 1
PR-A30G-P1 M8/M10 Eased Edge A30 1
PR-B15G-P1 M8/M10 Half Bullnose B15 1
PR-B20G-P1 M8/M10 Half Bullnose B20 1
PR-B25G-P1 M8/M10 Half Bullnose B25 1
PR-B30G-P1 M8/M10 Half Bullnose B30 1
PR-B40G-P1 M8/M10 Half Bullnose B40 1
PR-B50G-P1 M8/M10 Half Bullnose B50 1
PR-E20/45G-P1 M8/M10 45 Bevel E20 1
PR-E30/30G-P1 M8/M10 30 Bevel E30 1
PR-E30/45G-P1 M8/M10 45 Bevel E30 1
PR-E40/45G-123 M8/M10 45 Bevel E40-30-20 1
PR-F15G-P1 M8/M10 O-gee F15 1
PR-F20G-P1 Ogee F20 1
PR-F25G-P1 M8/M10 O-gee F25 1
PR-F30G-P1 M8/M10 O-gee F30 1
PR-F40G-P1 M8/M10 O-gee F40 1
PR-H20G-P1 M8/M10 Dupont H20 1
PR-H30G-P1 M8/M10 Dupont H30 1
PR-O15-P1 M8/M10 Cove Dupont O15 1
PR-O20-P1 M8/M10 Cove Dupont O20 1
PR-O30-P1 M8/M10 Cove Dupont O30 1
PR-Q20-P1 M8/M10 Cove Ogee Q20 1
PR-Q30-P1 M8/M10 Cove Ogee Q30 1
PR-Q40-P1 M8/M10 Cove Ogee Q40 1
PR-T20G-P1 M8/M10 Double Eased Edge T20 1
PR-T30G-P1 M8/M10 Double Eased Edge T30 1
PR-T40G-P1 M8/M10 Double Eased Edge T40 1
PR-V20G-P1 M8/M10 Full Bullnose V20 1
PR-V30G-P1 M8/M10 Full Bullnose V30 1
PR-V40FG-P1 M8/M10 Full Bullnose V40 Flare 1
PR-V40G-P1 M8/M10 Full Bullnose V40 1
PR-V40S-P1 M8/M10 Full Bullnose V40 Soft 1
PR-V50G-P1 M8/M10 Full Bullnose V50 1
PR-V60G-P1 M8/M10 Full Bullnose V60 1
PR-V90G-P1 M8/M10 Full Bullnose V90 1
PR-WBB30G-P1 M8/M10 B+B Waterfall TB 30 1
PR-WBB40G-P1 M8/M10 B+B Waterfall TB 40 1
PR-Z30G-P1 M8/M10 Straight Z30 1
PR-Z40G-P1 M8/M10 Straight Z40 1